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    Mission Statement

    The goal of Delta West Academy is to realize learning with a strong emphasis on real life relationships. DWA creates an environment which fosters mutual respect and trust, allows the uniqueness of each student to shine, and challenges them to attain academic excellence and personal growth.


    A different vision for education was the driving force behind the foundation of the Delta West Academy Society and provincial accreditation of DWA in 1993. Governed by the basic premise of an advantageous 10:1 average student to teacher ratio, the school opened its doors to 11 eager students that first year, ranging from elementary to high school. The school was as different as its vision. Located in a modern downtown office building, its large windows, bright spaces and business attitude meshed well with delivering education in a new way. A strong academic program was enhanced by the interaction with a unique physical and social environment. However, despite being within easy walking distance to many of the great facilities downtown offers, the school lacked its own gym, playground and more room to grow.

    In 1998 DWA moved to the historic Bridgeland School. The new location also has large windows and bright spaces but with the added benefits of a playing field, gym and more classrooms. This expansion prompted the addition of a much requested Kindergarten program in 1999. Best of all, since the community of Bridgeland is just north of the Bow River immediately adjacent to Calgary's core, DWA has maintained the excellent downtown connections that contribute to its school life. All this provides steady opportunities for partnership, real-life experiences and plenty of learning outside of the classroom.

    In 2004, Delta West Academy celebrated the purchase of the Bridgeland School as its permanent home. DWA continues to grow while remaining true to the founders' original vision.

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